Thought Provoking

The Umbrella Picker is a real life story written by a woman who was searching for her truth. Sharing her thought provoking journey, with wonderful words of wisdom, Jane’s book will open your eyes and your heart to the world of autism.

An honest and very open account of growing up wandering who you are.

My thoughts and feelings about ‘The Umbrella Picker’ ,were overwhelm and delight at the same time. It was the first time Id seen anything so closely related to my own life in writing and so true. Reading about Janes life, her anxieties, feelings and how she made herself combat them all were amazing. This book made me laugh and cry but most of all it made me resonate about my own life and that of my family and what we had been through without knowing that I was an autistic girl/woman.

If you are a Neurodivergent Woman or indeed know someone who is ,this book can give you the insight of her life and the way she feels and needs to function. Personally I found it thought provoking and brought back memories deep inside, some more welcome than others but now I understand why events in my life happened and why I couldn’t or wouldn’t deal with them. I was 50 years old when I was diagnosed and it is a condition that is regularly thought of as a disability when in fact it is just a different way of feeling and thinking.

It took me two sittings to read this book as I was unable to put it down , the after effects lasted much longer. I am now coming to terms with my diagnosis and through Jane and her book I am a confident woman and now realised how much I have achieved in my life despite crippling anxiety and fear. I have read the book again and find it helps to read odd sections at different times to clarify myself or different scenarios I find my self in. This is an excellent read and Jane should be very proud of her achievements in her personal and working life. The book is very well written and is easy to sit down and get absorbed in its content. I am looking forward to following Jane and hope she continues to write and help many more autistic girls who are still lost or have found themselves and need validation.

An honest and insightful personal account of Jane’s journey to autism diagnosis as an adult

Many girls and women will relate to this honest and insightful account of the journey to autism diagnosis as an adult. Written in a very engaging way, Jane recounts how she felt different throughout her life and where she looked to find answers for that difference. The day of her diagnosis changed her life. I recommend this book, not only to young women who who might then self-identify, but also to professionals to further understanding of masking and why girls and women can be either underdiagnosed or

a necessary read for all boys and girls out there

Jane shares what so many of us already know – that we’re different. Not awkward, not clumsy, not socially inept, just different. I would recommend everybody to read this, not just to understand why there is a disparity in diagnosis between boys / girls and women / men, but because it shines a light on all our quirks and gives us a little light to shine on these. We can overcome many things, with this knowledge.

This book is honest, raw and insightful

The Umbrella Picker is written with love and generosity. It is an honest and raw account of Jane’s reality of living for 45 years before being diagnosed with autism. Jane’s writing will doubtlessly enable some readers to see parts of themselves and their experiences and other readers to develop greater empathy and understanding about autism – both of which are a good thing!

Lived Experience shared to support and educate

Take the time to invest in your life and read this book. It may serve as a modern day Alchemist.

An honest, insightful read

Jane has written her painful narrative in a compelling way, so much so, I couldn’t put it down.
Thought provoking, how many lost girls are there…?

The Umbrella Picker, a book that can truly make a difference.

“This book has been written with so much sensitivity, insight and wisdom. It comes from a place of truth, generosity and compassion which will most certainly help other lost girls to know themselves.”

An insight into Autism in girls and an easy read

It’s a great little book, I really enjoyed reading it. It’s easy to read and very informative. Gives everyone an insight into Autism in girls.

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